Roadrunners LOVE science! Our library is also Ground Zero for STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. On days 1, 2 or 3 of your student’s six day rotation your student and his or her classmates will come to our library. It is designed to be a place that ignites the imagination, encourages questions and inspires the search for answers. Every visit will include a STEM related lesson as well as an opportunity to check out books.

Fourth, fifth and sixth graders are invited to check out one or two books, second and third graders may check out one. If you have a first grader, check with his or her teacher to see if the class will be taking books home or leaving them at school. Kindergartners will not check books out until you are notified otherwise. Be sure to find out your child’s library day, and make sure his or her book is in the backpack the day BEFORE library day. Students who have an overdue book will not be allowed to check out another one until it has been returned.

We work hard to earn every one of our books through grants or the Scholastic Book Fair. Students (and parents) are held responsible for missing or damaged books.

I love hearing that our latest STEM lesson was the topic of dinner table conversation! Talk to your kids about what they have been learning. Some things definitely should be tried at home! Drop by and visit our library. Meet our five live snakes, our leopard gecko or our Madagascar hissing roaches. And when you find an interesting insect or spider and your kids say, “Can we take it to Mrs. C.?” please do! We’ll research it and feed it and eventually hang it on our board of Interesting Insects.

I can’t wait to see your child’s eyes light up as he or she discovers the mysteries of science!

Kandy Clinkingbeard, Librarian

              Mrs. C

Mrs. Clinkingbeard always has an adventure waiting for students in the Richardson Library.