New Library Books

 Date of Purchase Title Author
 8/17/2023 If You Were A Kid in a Medieval Castle  Josh Gregory
 8/17/2023 Eyewitness Workbooks Medieval Life DK
 8/17/2023  How to Draw Anime and Manga for Beginners  Shinjuku Press
 8/17/2023  The Life of Ann Frank  Kay Woodward
 8/17/2023  Flora and Ulysses  Kate DiCamillo
 8/17/2023  Dragon Girls Series Books 1-6  Maddy Mara
 8/17/2023  Holes  Louis Sachar
 8/17/2023  Great Medieval Projects: You Can Build Yourself  Kris Bordessa
  8/17/2023  Castle  David Macaulay
 9/8/2023  I Survived the Great Chicago Fire,1871  Tarshis
 9/8/2023  Unlawful Orders  Barbara Binns
 10/3/2023  Ghosts   Telgemeier
 10/3/2023  Julie of the Wolves  Jean Craighead-George
 10/3/2023  Animated Science Periodic Table  John Farndon
 12/4/2023  The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes  Suzanne Collins
 12/4/2023  Nintendo Switch Gaming Guide  Chris Stead
 12/4/2023  The One and Only Ruby  Katherine Applegate
 12/4/2023  Wish  Barbara O/Cinnir
 12/4/2023  How to Make Origami   
 12/4/2023  Ultimate Paper Airplanes for Kids  Andrew Dewar
 12/4/2023  Origami Tips and Techniques  PIL