Legarra is Legendary!

Amee Legarra chosen as Flowing Wells Legendary Teacher!
Posted on 10/05/2022
Amee Legarra has been chosen by the Legendary Teacher organization as this year's Flowing Wells Legendary Teacher!

Legendary teachers are nominated by students, parents and community members. Legendary Teachers engage students in creative learning activities, connect learning to the past, present, and future, adapt their methods and assessment to meet diverse learning styles, create and maintain dynamic learning environments, and continue to improve their content knowledge base and teaching skills.

Mrs. Legarra was nominated by a student, Javeria, who wrote, "Mrs. Legarra was strict but also approachable in a comforting way. I struggled with math during her class, and she was always very patient with me and understood that I was having a hard time, making the time to explain the problems in different ways until I was able to understand it.

Congratulations, Amee!