Library & STEM Center

Ms. Aamodt

What’s New in the Richardson Library:

The Look: With great support from staff, friends, family, and STUCO, the library is now organized into 3 major sections. One section is Picture Books, another Fiction and the other Non Fiction. The Fiction and Nonfiction sections are then organized by genre, while the Picture Book section is organized alphabetically by author’s last name.

The Librarian: My name is Ms. Aamodt, and I am thrilled to be in a new role as librarian at Richardson. For the last 32 years, I have been a classroom teacher in the District for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Since 2014, I have taught 5th grade at Richardson. I appreciate your patience as I learn all a librarian needs to know! Some of my visions this year include: supporting students with reading, supporting students with adjusting to the “new normal” due to the Pandemic, and supporting teachers with their science curriculum.

What’s The Same in the Richardson Library

200 Club: Ask your child about the 200 Club, and check out the bulletin board just outside the library.

If your child loses or damages a book, they can replace the book or pay the fine. If they replace the book, it does NOT have to be in brand-new condition: gently used condition is acceptable. They can also bring in a book from home, with parent permission, that they believe could be a good replacement, and we will discuss their thinking together. If none of the above are feasible, they can work off the fine by helping me in the library with shelving books, organizing shelves, etc.

I will support students to join the Arizona Desert Museum Poetry Contest in the Spring.

Your child comes to Library once every 6 Days. Expectations or behavior and participating in my lessons mirror the expectations of your child’s classroom teacher.. My 3 R’s are : 1. Respect people and property. 2. Be responsible with the books you borrow, and be Reliable by turning books back in on time and in good condition.

Most lessons will focus on science, but at other times of the year, I will focus on some subjects other than science.

I still need volunteers! If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]
      Mrs. Kirchoff